Updating the quantity of your subscription

Want to change how many packs you receive each month? No problem!

Firstly, log in to your account and head to the MY ACCOUNT section in the top right hand corner.


Then go to the MY SUBSCRIPTIONS section on the left hand side


You will see a list of all of your current subscriptions. Under the subscription you would like to change, select 'Update Quantity and Frequency', the following box will appear. 

Please select your new quantity and frequency using the drop down menus. Remember that the tablets per day is the total for everyone receiving subscription through your account. For example, if you are taking 2 tablets per day but your partner is taking one, you will need 3 tablets per day. 


If you have any trouble doing this at all or would like some advice, please get in touch. You can email us at or call us on Freephone 0800 808 5740

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