Which tablets are suitable for vegetarians?


These products are suitable for vegan customers:

-Black Garlic+

-Cool Joints+






These products are suitable for vegetarian customer (but not vegan):

-Vitamin D+ (the Vitamin D is extracted from lanolin, which is wool grease.)


These products contain ingredients of animal origins:

-Ateronon Heart+ 

-Blood Flow+

-CBD Oil+




-Omega 3+ (formerly known as Krill oil+)

-Magnesium+ (will soon be vegetarian !)


-Vitamin B+

-XY Pro

-Joint Advanced+


Our Product development department are currently looking to expand our vegan and vegetarian range, and working hard to make as many products as possible suitable for vegan or vegetarian customers (unfortunately some of our formulations require milk product to boost their bioavailability) in the future. This is a lengthy process however and we cannot make promises as to when these will be available at the moment. 

If you have anymore questions please email us at or call us on freephone 0800 808 5740. 

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