What has changed?


In addition to our flagship products we now offer the following products in our range:

- Immunity (vitamin C)

- Joint advanced (glucosamine and curcumin)

- Vitamin D

- Cod Liver Oil

- Vitamin B complex

- Evening Primrose Oil

- Mind+



If you have an existing subscription that will not be affected by the rebrand. You will continue to receive your subscription orders as normal.

When you set up a new subscription on FutureYou it will now be processed using Stripe. This will give both you the customer and us greater flexibility in managing your subscription orders. You will also now be able to do the following:

- Change your subscription order shipping and billing address

- Delay your order arriving by a number of days or bring it forward (with a minimum notice period of three days)

- Place a subscription order over the phone

All of these features will only be available to new subscriptions set up on the FutureYou website.



You will notice on the new website that all the prices have been rounded to whole numbers – so no more 99p’s.

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