Discount codes


We occasionally issue discount codes in our adverts or marketing communications.

You can find the terms and conditions either at the bottom of the advert, or on the other side of your voucher (see in green):



The expiry date should appear in the terms and conditions of the advert, and just below the code (see in orange) on the other side of your voucher

As a general rule, discounts can only be used once per customer.You won't be able to use the same discount twice, however you can give this discount to a family member or friend.

Please note that your discount will be applied to ONE ORDER ONLY, it will NOT be applied automatically to every order you place in the Future.

The only way to have a guaranteed discount on every order is to SUBSCRIBE to our automatic repeat order scheme.

learn more about subscriptions

Not sure how to order online and apply your discount ? head here:

how to order online


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